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A vision for Medford Schools informed by real experience

Equity & Inclusion

Aaron champions an anti-racist, anti-ableist, and inclusive Medford public school ethos. He understands deeply how racism and bigotry hinder young Medford minds, and he is committed to fostering a learning environment where every student feels valued, understood, and free from discrimination.

Quality Education

Aaron believes that every Medford student deserves excellence in their education. He’s an advocate for ensuring that our schools have the financial backing they need so that every child in Medford is given every opportunity to thrive academically.

Safe Learning Environment

For Aaron, student well-being is paramount. He emphasizes the importance of mental health resources, tools for social and emotional growth, and programs focused on conflict resolution. He envisions a Medford where students are equipped to handle life’s challenges both inside and outside the classroom.

Access & Opportunity

Aaron sees the unequal footing that many students stand on. He is devoted to ensuring that every student, regardless of their socioeconomic background, has the same opportunities in education. This means making extracurriculars accessible, paying special attention to the needs of students with disabilities, those from lower-income families, and English learners, and advocating for a more diverse teaching staff.

Supporting Staff & Educators

Recognizing the backbone of our education system, Aaron firmly believes in uplifting and empowering the educators and staff of Medford. To solidify a passionate and motivated educational workforce, Aaron will work to ensure our staff and educators

  • are fairly compensated,
  • have a healthy work environment and the tools they need, and
  • their voices are central in decision-making.

Community Collaboration

Aaron knows the power of community. He believes that by fostering collaboration between our schools, local organizations, and the broader Medford community, we can tackle broader challenges that impact our students. For Aaron, a holistic approach to education means ensuring students are nurtured at school, at home, and throughout the community.