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Meet Aaron Olapade

The fresh, progressive, diverse voice that Medford Schools deserve.

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Why Me and Why Now?

I am a product of Medford’s classrooms, not just as a student, but as an advocate and leader. At a time when our student body’s diversity is growing, the Committee needs a voice rooted in those experiences. Having served underrepresented youth beyond Medford, I understand both the immediate needs of our students and the broader need for educational equity in our school system.

Medford shaped me, and now it’s my turn to shape a brighter future for all in it. Now is the moment for a perspective born from within our schools, driven by commitment and personal experience.

Aaron's Story

Aaron Olapade’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of community and education. Arriving in Medford in 2013, the city embraced his family during challenging times, lighting a path that turned a young boy into an engaged citizen. Medford wasn’t just a place to live; it became the foundation of his purpose and commitment.

The educational institutions of Medford became Aaron’s compass. Guided by family members, school support, and community mentors, he discovered his true north: service. As a young leader, Aaron didn’t just participate; he steered conversations, represented his peers, and built bridges across communities. Whether facilitating community discussions or leading athletic teams, his dedication to unity and progress was clear.

But beyond Medford, Aaron’s heart was stirred by a wider call. Serving underrepresented youth in Boston’s most resource-strapped schools, he realized the profound impact of representation in education. Aaron bore witness to the challenges these young minds faced, understanding deeply that care and positivity, while essential, were only part of the equation. Every student deserved more: resources, attention, and a voice that understands them.

At Boston College, Aaron’s drive to reshape the future intensified. Diving deep into Political Science, he aimed to understand the very systems that held the power to uplift or suppress communities. His research on subconscious bias in classrooms was not just an academic pursuit; it was a call to action. Engaging with entities like the NAACP and Medford Health Department, Aaron sought to listen, understand, and advocate for the diverse voices of the community.

Today, armed with lived experience, knowledge, passion, and a Bachelor of Arts, Aaron is poised to bring about change where it matters most: home. Medford gave him so much, and now, he’s ready to give back tenfold.

Imagine a Medford School Committee that mirrors the vibrant diversity of its student body. Picture a representative who’s walked the hallways of these schools, felt the struggles and joys of its community, and is fervently committed to creating a brighter future for all. That’s Aaron Olapade.

As we stand at the crossroads of tradition and progress, Medford deserves a voice that understands its past while fearlessly envisioning its future. In Aaron Olapade, we have that voice – a product of our schools, a champion for our youth, and an advocate for every member of our community. By voting for Aaron, we’re not just choosing a representative; we’re embracing a future where every student, teacher, and resident of Medford is heard and valued. Let’s elevate our collective dreams and aspirations by casting a vote for Aaron Olapade. Together, we’ll chart a brighter path for our city.